where did you find them?

Like the sign on the back of large trucks says: "If you can't see my mirrors I can't see you".

If prospective clients can't see your web site they probably can't see you! The vast majority of people go looking for "you" via a search engine; whether it's Google, Bing, Yahoo or some other engine we are experts in Search Engine Optimisation aka SEO!

SEO: The majority of people do not know what this is, and nor should you. SEO is a term that is used to describe the process of 'making your site rank more highly for search engines such as Google. It is basically a process of internally and externally creating a web presence that 'ranks' well in search engine results. Research has shown that the majority of searchers do not scroll past the few few results and even less go past the first page, so, being at or as near as possible the top of search results is crucial if your business relies upon clients finding you via this method (and yes there are other methods!!!)

Successful SEO is not a one-step-process. Keeping your site ranked well, is like keeping a sinking object supported with "bubbles". Keep the "bubbles" bubbling underneath your site helps float it to the top. If the bubbles stop then slowly but surely, it will sink down and become less visible to searchers. This is why we offer on-going SEO services, and not just a one-stop option.