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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace just to name a few. Social media is now a mainstay of both social and business aspects of our society. No matter where you look, whether it's TV shows, websites, or physical advertising, social media is everywhere. It is now a crucial part of any business strategy and therefore a crucial component of your web presence.

From having a Facebook 'Like' page, to creating a twitter account and keeping your clients and customers up to date, to creating a Google Plus page, all these social media tools add to and optimise your web presence. According to Matt Cutts (Google employee), social media tools are crucial for optimising your website.

Therefore, social media has a dual purpose, SEO and keeping your customers/potential customers up to date and interacting with them!

And best of all, most of the core social media tools are absolutely free!

We offer a wide range of social media services tailored to your needs and situation.