if a picture tells a thousand words, then how many words does a video contain?

Video content is already as popular as written text; look at the rise of YouTube or other DIY video sites. This change in paradigm is due to ease of preparation and ease of access. Sites such as Youtube and Vimeo, now take up significant amounts of the internet bandwidth with millions of hours of video content stored there. Presenting video information to your clients, customers or potential customers and other interested parties, is now industry standard!

Video is the way of the future for webinars, demonstrating products and/or services and downloading client information. Combine video with interactive elements such as Flash and education and product demonstration become more engaging

Interaction and video add a one on one human 'presence' to the presentation of content. Hearing a voice, and seeing a moving picture is far more captivating then reading lines of text.

The use of industry standard video, screen recording software, advanced presentation techniques and experience allow us to offer you a range of options in presenting your content in moving format, captivating your customers, sharing your knowledge!